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In 2020, start as a tech company specializing in audio technology. Then, the business will be transferred to a subsidiary of a publicly traded company (M&A). 2023, the company will begin to challenge the ice cream industry. At the same time, we are actively developing our business in Southeast Asia. Our motto is "Evolve Always. We will always evolve and pioneer new paths.

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Company history


founded a company

Founded as a voice tech company

In 2020, audio tech was booming in the U.S. and China, with global media highlighting major M&As and IPOs. Yet, in Japan, this trend was nascent. Seeing the potential, we founded a voice-tech business. Assembling an engineer team, we delved into intensive development.


Transfer of voice tech business (M&A)

Business transferred to an affiliate of GEO Holdings, Inc.

We made the decision to partner with a company that we believed had the best long-term future in the voice-tech business of any company, and to grow the business.


Started ice cream business

Started [MAYONAKA FARM ICE CREAM ] in Tokyo.

A nightly style ice cream store, open until 24, was opened near Skytree.The store has been attracting a lot of attention, with many customers and TV and other media people visiting the store every day.We are expanding our business by opening new stores.


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